I am sorry to announce that the site will be premanently closed on 31 August 2014.

But here is the ray of hope. I have made an offline standalone version of the site here is the github link. Here is the zipped github repository. It DOES NOT contain any real RC data. But it does work quite well.

Should I rewrite the utiliy as a standalone application instead of a webpage? Take a moment to answer

The line numbers in the questions may not refer correctly to the right line in the passage.

It's a pleasure that I could help you in your preparation but I am sorry to say that I DO NOT
have explanation for the answers and the source of all these RCs are located
here at urch forum, here at beating #GMAT & beyond and here at 4shared.
I take no responsibility of the source as I DO NOT know the real auther or collector of all those
RC questions in there. I only created this site by taking data from the above mentioned source.
So asking me for explanation of any kind will be futile.

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